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This is the blog of the K9 Country Club in Bromsgrove.

It’s all about you! (well, actually it’s all about your dog!)

We all have our preferences and your dog is no exception. Personally, I like my tea with milk and one sugar, I prefer walking in the sunshine rather than showers and I always sleep on the left side of the bed. We all function best when things are familiar and we are in routine and that’s exactly what we strive for when we look after your dog.

Before we welcome your dog into our setting we invite you to come and take a look around at our facilities. We also like to have the opportunity to gather as much information as we can to make sure that your dog’s time with us is as close as possible to it’s normal routine. We realise that all dogs are individuals and have their quirks and preferences and we are committed to provide bespoke care to meet your dogs needs. At K9 Country Club Services we have made the decision to offer only 1-2-1 dog care which means we only walk one dog at a time and we only provide day care and boarding for one dog at a time. This means that we can focus on your dog’s wellbeing and keeping to their routine. Read more